Apple and the iPhone 5S

Tyler January 30, 2013 0
Apple and the iPhone 5S

In this video I cover my thoughts about Apple and the iPhone 5S and the whole process Apple goes through with their phones.
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So the iPhone 5S is basically confirmed and Apple should be having a keynote in the coming months showing off the phone, iOS, and some features that are coming with the phone.
I have an issue with this. Why does Apple have to sit in this iPhone # , iPhone #S mindset?
I think they need to start releasing full phones every year and if they want to do the 5S or 6S they should do those in the six month intervals.
Apple is not the only one to be guilty of screwing around with phone releases. The HTC One and the Droid RAZR have WAY too many versions and they are released all within the same year!
Basically, I think Apple needs to release two phones a year if they want to to do the 5S, 6S deal and some Android phones need to ease up on the amount of versions they release. Take notes from the Galaxy and Nexus series, Apple and other Android developers. haha.

Is Apple crazy and farming money by releasing the iPhone 5S? Or are they doing the right thing?
Let me know what you think down in the comments below! Looking forward to seeing some reactions. 🙂

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