Hard Disc Drives – Are they failing more often?

Tyler February 15, 2013 0
Hard Disc Drives – Are they failing more often?

Hard Disc Drives – Are they failing more often?

Have you ever had a Hard Disc Drive fail on you?
HDDs, or Hard Disc Drives, are the main storage areas on our computers and I’ve seen across the board that people are having more and more problems with them. It might just be who I’m talking to or the reviews I’m looking at, but it just seems that HDDs aren’t being built with as much quality as they were a few years ago.

As I look on newegg I see warranty periods getting lessened and it’s more of a pain to get something replaced via warranty both through newegg and through manufacturer sites. I repeatedly see people who are on their 3rd or 4th HDD and they have spent more money on shipping than they have buying the first Hard Disc Drive in the first place.

I recently had a WD Black 1 TB Drive  fail on me. I didn’t have the drive for a month or so before it started saying it was having problems. It still worked, but lately it’s completely screwed up. I can access and move some files, but other files are corrupted and unmovable. Thank goodness I have backups of important stuff on another external harddrive.

I’m rather annoyed at the fact that something I bought solely for storage fails after only a few months use.
My main OS (Windows) is on a Crucial 128 GB SSD (SSD is a Solid State Drive, basically a huge flash drive) which hasn’t given me any problems at all, but 128 GB is definitely not enough space for someone who works with lot of video, audio, and picture files.
When I’m dropping $100 on a drive, I expect to it a least last a year with any issues. Now I know there are duds, sometimes you get DOA’s but the amount of people having these problems just keeps increasing.

Is it the fact that manufatures are putting less effort into making the drives and they are being cheaply made? Or is it purely the fact that more and more people are building their own PCs and with more PCs you get more people buying more parts which means more faulty parts get exposed?

Personally, I think there has been a quality loss. The Hard Disc Drive in my Dell Inspiron 1525 has been running straight for 4 or 5 years now with a problem. Sure, sometimes it sounds like a jet plane taking off, but I’ve never had data loss or any trouble with it.

So, is it worth a ton of money to buy a really expensive Hard Disc Drive or are they just as likely to fail as the cheaper ones?
I can’t say personally, since I haven’t bought many HDDs, but I’m looking for opinions.
Comment down below and let me know what issues you have had, if you have had any at all, with any of your drives, Hard Disc Drive or Solid State Drive.

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