Giveaway! This time, it’s a Dome Skin!

Tyler October 24, 2012 0


Just wanted to share this with you guys on my site. This actually isn’t on my channel but I made the video…haha.
If you haven’t heard, I joined Joon Lee on his YouTube channel, .
I will be making Android videos for his channel on a weekly basis, but don’t worry, I’m not skimping out on my channel or anything and I’m still part of the DragonRiderNetwork. 😉

Anyways, we are giving away a free Dome Skin on that channel! The awesome people from Dome Skin sent us out two for review and we are giving one of them away!
The video below is the review and the giveaway is at the end. To be entered in the giveaway you have to go to the YouTube watch page and leave a comment there. Any comments here will not be counted in the giveaway but they are always welcome!

Hope you enjoyed the video and entered the giveaway! Be looking for another post tomorrow with a new video!
Also, if you want to check out my gaming blog, it’s right .
I will be posting all of my Let’s Plays on there. 😉


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