Kindle 3 – Is Yours Frozen?

Tyler February 19, 2013 1
Kindle 3 – Is Yours Frozen?

Kindle 3 – Is Yours Frozen?

If you have visited my channel before or looked around at some of my videos, you will see my most popular video is of a Frozen Kindle. It’s a Frozen Kindle 3 to be exact.
The Kindle 3 has suffered a LOT in terms of frozen and broken units. I look around the internet and some people are on their 6th and 7th Kindle 3 even though they take perfect care of their ebook device.

What is causing the Kindle 3 or any other Kindles to freeze? I really don’t know.
Some day it’s faulty software, others say it’s faulty hardware, and still others insist that we are beating our Kindles off concrete even though we are actually taking delicate care of our dear Kindles.

I for one am completely disgusted with the Kindle 3. I got Sommer (my wonderful fiancee) a Kindle 3 for her birthday a few years ago and it has given us nonstop problems. We have had to return it 2 or 3 times to get it replaced because the screen simply just freezes and it doesn’t respond. Well we got the latest one back and it was working for a good while, then lo and behold, it freezes again.
What’s the deal Amazon? Do you not even acknowledge that this is happening? Why in the world do they keep sending out units that keep doing the same thing over and over?
The Kindle 3 would be a GREAT product if it would be stable. But the fact that it freezes up all the time, and not just for me but for many others, deems it a failure. No one wants a busted piece of tech laying around the house.

The Kindle 3 issues may have caused many people to abandon the ebook scene or maybe jump ship to another provider such as the Nook. I think Amazon really shot themselves in the foot with this. They claim putting a case on it protects it, taking extreme care of it protects it, etc. Well, we had this Kindle in a case, sitting in a drawer with no one touching it, and it just completely freaks out and freezes.
That is NOT user error. That is an error on the Kindle.

Anyways, rant over. Have you ever experienced any freezing on any Kindle you have ever owned? I haven’t tried out any Kindles since the Kindle 3 and honestly I don’t know if I want to. It has just left me with a sour taste in my mouth and I’d much rather pick up something else instead to read my ebooks.

Here’s my video on the Frozen Kindle 3. Granted, this is forever ago so the video itself might not be the best quality, but hey, at least it’s something. haha.
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  1. VderCA April 26, 2013 at 12:51 am - Reply

    mine just froze but with a black background and faint white text

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