YouTube Networks – Are they THAT Evil?

Tyler February 18, 2013 1
YouTube Networks – Are they THAT Evil?

YouTube Networks – Are they THAT Evil?

Lately there has been a lot of buzz surrounding YouTube Networks. Maker Studios and Machinima, along with many others, have seemingly gotten a bad reputation as of late. Apparently they have been operating as a business (as they have been for awhile now) and now all of a sudden people don’t like that.

I look on YouTube and I see videos of people wanting to rebel and revolt the networks. (Like that’s really going to work).
They are frustrated with the YouTube Networks and claim that they have pitted YouTubers against each other, are collecting unfair pay, and are abusing their partners (us as video creators) and are only reaping the benefits while partners sit in the dust.

Well I’m about to give you my opinion, and why I could really care less as to what the networks are doing.

First thing, YouTube IS a BUSINESS. No matter what people try to say. Many are claiming networks are ruining the YouTube communities and that if it keeps going at this rate, there will be no more community. In some cases I do agree, networks have pitted youtubers against each other (Machinima Partners vs. Maker Partners etc), but I don’t think it comes anywhere close to ruining YouTube in general.
What people don’t understand is that you can have both a BUSINESS and a COMMUNITY. It doesn’t have to be one thing or the other. People need to get over the fact that YouTube is now a business. It is and forever will be. It’s just how it is. Bite the bullet and move on.

Now people are also claiming that networks are spending money unwisely. Well, I’m not a head of a huge company like Maker, so I don’t know where all the money goes or what expenses there are. The thing is, neither does anyone else. These people who are making videos about how YouTube Networks are wasting money are ridiculous. Please, inform me when you last ran a huge YouTube Network, I’d be glad to know.

Next is payment. Many partners are saying they aren’t getting fair pay, but then go on to say “let’s revolt against the networks, not place ads on our videos, and support each other” and then go on to claim it’s not about the money, when earlier, they just stated that they were mad that they weren’t getting paid. Are you crazy?

I’m partnered through Social Blade with RPM/Maker Studios and I have NEVER had an issue with them. I own full creative content on my channel, and it says so in my contract. I’ve never gotten screwed over and I don’t solely depend on my network to help me find success. I believe that having success depends on the content creator, not the network. I don’t base my channel around the latest acts and moves of Maker/RPM. That’s just crazy.

This whole “I hate YouTube Networks” phase is ridiculous. If people spent as much time worrying about the networks and all the latest buzz as they would on their channels, they would be much more successful.

Just do what you joined YouTube to do, make videos. If the networks are doing something stupid, let them. Don’t get all bent out of shape. Just keep making your videos and enjoy what you are doing. Just remember, they ARE a business, and will continue to run like a business even when some people don’t like it.
And let’s not all forget who payed money to a lot of these popular YouTube channels when they first started out small. People need to learn to be grateful.

Hopefully somebody agrees. Can I get some help here? haha.

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  1. marlene aymone February 26, 2013 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    I think RPM’s way of helping younger networks is questionable.

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